Erika Calesini was born in 1974, in a small italian town called Morciano di Romagna. After graduating from the Menegoni Art Institute, driven by her great passion for fashion, she specialized in “Fashion and Design” at the “Istituto Secolari”, in Bologna. In 1994, Erika started her career collaborating with prestigious fashion and design companies.

After some years in the fashion world and the creation of her personal accessorize brand, Erika realised that design was no longer working for her as she felt the utmost urgency to establish a direct connection with the materials. In 2005, Erika found her source of her inspiration: following the example of her father – a skilled ironsmith – Erika reinvented her artistic path and chose iron as a starting point to show her creative spirit.

Erika conceives art not just as a mere expression of her mind: it is commitment and research that provides the basis on which to create works of art that embody feelings and passion, with an attentive eye to sustainability.

Entering Erika’s world is diving into a colorful, joyful, lightharted experience.

The International artist guides us, accompanied by the cheerful bells of her bicycles, into a space where the love for Art, People and Earth finds a perfect synthesis within her works, shaped from her European pop soul.

Iconic his her Bike collection, where the Dadaist matrix leaps to the eye: it’s her tale of found objects and materials destined for waste and abandonment that Erika takes away from their destiny and to which she gives new dignity, new life through her creativity. The works of the bike collection, elegant in their black and white versions and extremely pop in the coloured and banana ones, talk to us about the beauty of conscious choices, aimed at the preservation of our planet.  he spirit is lightened, the soul is coloured, the notes LOVING ART, PEOPLE & EARTH BY ERIKA CALESINI become melodic, echoing and chasing lightness.

Later works are those part of the Balloons and Gum collection, that retrace the representative evolution of the italian artist. The love for new materials, also discarded, such as rubber and plastic find new shapes and colors. It is the color that plays the leading role. Deflated balloons, scraps of rubber obtained from old tires, recycled melted rubber, “talk” to us with lightness and audacity of joie de vivre, brotherhood, love, in all its forms. It is a profound search for the artist who, wants to lead us, with her works, into a space – albeit a
spiritual, creative, fantasy one – in which to find an instant of lightness of the soul, hope, pure joy, peace.

Following her creative journey we find to the enchantment that only words of love can bring to us! that is what Erika’s pop “red lipstick” is about! It is the red of the heart, of the passion that warms the soul and brings us closer to others! # loving Art, People & Earth”.




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